Life & Books: TV and Movie Kisses

This week on Life & Books, me and Brinda Berry continue our discussion on kissing! It’s all about TV and movie kisses.   Hint: Twilight and Longmire were mentioned!   Share with me your favorite TV or movie kiss! If you enjoyed our video, do us a favor and hit the handy dandy Click-To-Tweet...

Life & Books: Kissing Characters

This week on Life & Books, me and Brinda Berry discuss first kisses in our manuscripts. First kisses! What could be better than the moment when the hero and heroine finally have their first kiss? Well, maybe when that first kiss turns into more, but that’s a topic for another post. Have you read...

Life & Books: Kissing Part 1

Brinda Berry and I sat down and discussed that favorite topic of romance writers–kissing! On this episode I share my first kiss and Brinda shares her most memorable one! All I’ll say is cake and a cousin was involved…   Share with me in the comments your first kiss or most memorable one!