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Secrets. Lies. Can love uncover the truth?

A loner with a mysterious childhood…

FBI agent Dolan Watts is no stranger to pain. It’s the only constant in his life—along with his imaginary best friend. Using gut feeling and instinct, he takes down criminals in record time. But he’s forced to confront a new kind of evil. One that plays mind games, sends him to the brink of insanity, and sabotages the safety of the one woman who shines a light into his dark world.

A woman with a terrible secret…

FBI psychologist Daughter Dawson has a secret. The kind that destroys safety and takes lives. She needs to put a lockdown on her fear, but when it comes to her newest client, Dolan, she can’t control the intensity of her feelings or the urge to confide in him.

Nightmares come to life…

When the unmentionable happens, Dolan is her only lifeline. If they fail each other, more than two lives are at stake. The legacy of a serial killer will reign.

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