It’s been awhile. Okay. A long while. But Capturing Fate has a release date!


You know what’s special about that day? It’s the 28th anniversary of the day I met my husband!

A little about Capturing Fate…

Secrets. Lies. Can love uncover the truth?

FBI agent Dolan Watts is obsessed with justice. His superiors have no idea about the supernatural help he gets when he faces the corrupt. The vicious. The depraved. And it’s always worked in his favor—giving him the edge. Until now. A new kind of evil toys with him. One that threatens his affections for the only woman who understands him.

Daught Dawson, psychologist to the FBI, needs to lockdown her emotions when it comes to Dolan. It’s against the rules for her to think the way she does about him. Her job is to help him deal with the traumas of his childhood, so he can have connections as an adult. Not have all these intense feelings about the man. But when the unmentionable happens, and everything she loves is destroyed, Dolan is her only lifeline.

If they fail each other, more than two lives are at stake. The legacy of a serial killer will reign.

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