Favorite Lines Friday…

Because you’re a writer and you’re awesome!


*Open to published and unpublished writers*

This is a place to show off your favorite lines! Those sentences that every time you read them you think “Damn. I wrote that!” Show them off! Be proud of your work!

In the comments, post some of your favorite lines from your current work-in-progress or a book you have published. Feel free to drop in a buy link too! Encourage your friends to stop by and vote for their favorite lines. The submission with the most votes at the end of the month will win a Hopes and Dreams journal.

*Even if you don’t enter–please vote for your favorite submission! And be sure to tell the writer how much you love his/her words. Positive words are food to a writer’s soul!hdjournal

*Special Announcement: Michelle Grajkowski of 3 Seas Literary will be reading all your submissions this month. On May 6th I will announce her favorite submission! This is a great opportunity to get your words read by an agent without having to pitch or query!


*In order to participate in Favorite Lines Friday, please follow the rules...

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  2. Keep your favorite lines to under a hundred words.
  3. Keep things PG rated. Or mostly PG.
  4. Only one submission per week.
  5. Vote for your favorite submission.


The March Favorite Lines Friday winner is…

A tie!

Julie Mulhern

The first line of the first book I had published – The Deep End…

My morning swim doesn’t usually involve corpses.



Seana Kelly

The opening lines of my paranormal WIP Sanctuary

“Don’t be ridiculous, Sam.”

“I’m not. I just think that zombies have undergone more of a transformation over the years.” Squabbling with Clive was the highlight of my day.

The vampire drummed his long fingers on the tabletop. “Speed only,” he said, exasperation coloring his tone.

Perched on a stool behind the bar, I sipped my hot tea while Clive sat at a table across from me, pretending to read. I scanned the bar, checking if anyone needed a refill, but it was a ruse. Clive’s eyes drew me like a zombie to brains.

Congratulations Ladies!

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