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Me: Tell me about an experience that had a profound impact on your life.


Trinity: I was fifteen years old, lived with my mom and sister. Mom worked full time and often left us to go on business trips, she had no choice really.

Anyway, I worked full time and a traveling carnival came to our city, at the mall I worked at.  I don’t know why, but the attraction to it was strong. I quit my job and started working there. It was fine while there, but once it was time to move to the next site I followed, and it wasn’t what I thought it would be.

Hitchhiking to the site, living in the back of a dirty semi truck where the rides were placed when leaving, to taking showers in hoses sometimes.

In my whole life I was never so happy to see my mother and friend come to get me after a week. I couldn’t have been happier to leave with her. I’m just surprised I made it alive with all that I had seen at that time.


Me: Wow. What a learning experience for your fifteen-year-old self.

What personality trait of yours helps you most as an author?


Trinity: My personal experiences through my life. From my carnival life, joining the army, to moving back, waking up one morning with a shotgun pointed to my head, and the list can go on and on.


Me: Yikes. Your life sounds like a wild ride.

What personality trait of yours hinders you most as an author?


Trinity: My disability, which I actually found out I had seeing my daughter suffer with the same problems I do. Our short term memories are not as strong as others. We can learn a new rule,  example a grammar rule, but then we’ll forget everything else we had previously been taught. Which can be really tough on my editors.


Me: What was your high point as a writer? What happened?


Trinity: It’s actually my highest point and my lowest point. I had my first book come out, was at a convention when I learned my book was doing excellent. In 3 weeks I had over 5000 in profit already, but I guess I stepped on someone’s toes, jealousy was sprouted and the book was attacked, pulled from the publisher. I cried for a week and would have given up, but a certain publisher-editor-agent contacted me and pulled me back up. Thank you, Lori Perkins.


Me: What was your low point as a writer? What happened? How did you get over it?


Trinity: Same as above. When I mean attacked, people who I believed were my friends and colleagues turned out to be people I would never trust again, but I found new ones, better ones that have stayed with me over the years.


Me: How many books have you written? How long does it typically take you to write a book? What’s the most painful part of the writing process for you?


Trinity: I have close to sixty books, some I’m working to get back out. As far as writing a book depends on the size. A novella I can get out In a week. The large novel I’m working on now, about four months. The most painful process of writing is editing for me.


Me: It seems to me that many writers either love writing and don’t like editing or love editing and don’t like writing.

What’s the worst piece of writing advice you were ever given? How did you get beyond it?


HerStepbrothersAreAngelsTrinity: Someone told me that, Possession of the Soul, wasn’t good enough for a cat box. And yes, I cried at that one. Anyway, do not trust everyone out there. Sadly, we have the clicks just like a high school. You have put yourself out there,  but that does not mean you can’t ignore those that would bring you down. Believe me, I still have those that are nice to my face, but are nasty behind my back. Just be careful and pick your mentors wisely.


Me: What’s your life motto? Why does that motto speak to you?


Trinity: Dreams and Fantasy Do Come True. Why do I believe this? Because, my dreams haven’t lied to me and have led me down the writing path I love. Plus, a number of my dreams have come true.


Me: Tell me about your fantasy, paranormal menage book HER STEPBROTHERS ARE ANGELS.




Dixie Squire is half demon on her mother’s side and has an embarrassing gift that she can’t reveal to her father. Who wants to tell their daddy that she needs to have sex every week in order to survive? Talk about a complex.


But that isn’t’ the worst part. It seems her father has just taken an angel for a mate—not just any angel, but one that used to hunt down and destroy demons, right alongside with her two very hot new stepbrothers.


Eae and Leo only wanted their mother to be happy, but they never dreamed they’d be tracking down their wayward stepsister. But when they stepped into Dixie’s old apartment, Eae and Leo realized they were not only tracking their stepsister, but their woman, and that they weren’t the only ones after her.


Me: Share with us a favorite paragraph or two from your newest release.


Trinity: The part below is close to me in a way. I’ve always been a daddies girl, so this part was important to me, to make sure everyone could feel that connection.


“Okay, I was just going to call anyway.”

Dixie took a deep breath and punched in her father’s cell number, hoping his bride-to-be wouldn’t answer.

“Lilly, where are you two? Why didn’t you and Lilly tell me you already went through the change? Damn it, I should have been there for you,” her father rambled, his voice worried.

“Because it wasn’t a change a father should see in his little girl, Daddy.” Tears filled her eyes. “But don’t worry, it seems Mom did do something right. She sent me someone to help with the transition. It seems she knew what my gift was before I did.”

“Are you okay? You sound tired. Damn it, Dixie, you should come home so I can help,” he grumbled.

The tightness around her heart increased, and tears rolled down her cheeks. “Afraid you couldn’t help me with this, Daddy. I wish you could, but you can’t. Plus, you have a new bride you should be concentrating on. But I do have one question before I hang up.” She wiped the tears with the Kleenex Lilly stuffed in her other hand. “Is there really a truce between the angels and my kind? Or is that just a rumor?” she asked, staring out at the buildings that passed but not really seeing them.

“I’m disappointed in you, Dixie. To think, you actually believe I would bring someone into our lives that would hurt one of the only people I’d die for. But yes, the treaty has been there for over a hundred years, and Sophia wants to meet you.”

She sighed, nodding to Lilly, who had been listening. “It’s the truth,” Dixie mouthed to her. “Maybe someday, Daddy,” she continued, “but right now, no. I have to figure out how to handle this so-called gift before I can come home, and it’s one thing you can’t help me with.”

“Tell me what it is. Maybe Sophia or her sons would know how to help.”

She laughed. “I don’t mean to be cruel, but unless they want to screw around, there’s nothing anyone can do. You see, I’m what they call a sex demon, Daddy. I have to have sex every week, like a vampire needs blood. I need sex. Kind of weird, don’t you think, stepbrothers and stepsister getting it on?”


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