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And now…

Manic Monday: The Coloring Book Craze


Have you heard about coloring books for adults?

They hit my radar about ten months ago when a client told me she’d gotten one for Christmas.

Coloring books? For adults?


In the fifteen (plus) years I’ve been a mental health therapist, many clients have told me how much they secretly enjoy coloring in their children’s cocoloringbookloring books. So what is it about coloring that people find so soothing?

When a person is coloring she is in the present moment. There is no future. No past. No anxiety. No regrets. Nothing exists beyond the color she is using and the picture she is working on. Peace.

And with adult coloring books is there is no pressure to create art (though it is art). It’s just coloring for the fun of coloring. No judgement.

(Some of the details have been changed to protect this person’s identity)

I have an elderly woman as a client. She constantly worries about paying for her husband’s nursing expenses, worries about there being money left when she needs a nursing home, and worries about how much longer she can afford to live in the apartment she loves before she has to move into extremely tiny and crowded senior housing. But then she found coloring books! All that worry and depression lifted. She no longer sits around worrying. She colors. Her mood has improved and she’s now getting out of her apartment and spending time with friends—having coloring get togethers!

And a funny little story about this lady… When she told her son about her adult coloring books, he was extremely shocked.

“Mom! Do you think that’s appropriate for someone your age?”

“Well… They are for adults.”

“But what would happen if your church friends stopped by and saw them?”

After a moment of total confusion, she realized he thought she meant adult coloring books as in she was sitting around coloring naked pictures.

coloringpageLol… That still cracks me up.


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Have you caved to the coloring craze?

I admit, I have.

What do you love most about coloring? What’s your fondest childhood memory of coloring?



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