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And now Manic Monday: Google


As many of you know, I’m a mental health counselor. Today I’m going to share one of the most effective homework assignments I give to my clients.

Here’s how it goes…

*Name your problem issue.





At this point, I ask my clients if they have Googled the issue. Most of them have. You probably have too.

But there’s a HUGE problem with this!

Take a moment and ponder why Googling your problem could be a bad thing.

No skipping ahead.

Really. I want you ponder why Googling your problem could be a bad thing.

Any ideas?

Here’s the real problem with Googling your problem. You are researching the problem. The thing you don’t want in your life.

What you really need to be researching is the SOLUTION!


*What’s the opposite of your problem?

Depression – opposite – Happiness

Anixety – opposite – Peace/Relaxation

Stress – opposite – Calm


*Google the opposite of your problem.

*Create a list of five things those people who have the opposite of your problem are doing that you aren’t.

Depression–>Find out what those happy people are out there doing that you’re not doing.

Anxiety–>Find out what those people who feel peaceful and relaxed are doing that you’re not.

Stress–>Find out what those calm people are doing that you’re not.

A word of advice… You need to spend time here researching. Sometimes you’ll see some crazy things. If you look up relaxation you’ll see things about meditation and some forms of meditation have you sitting funny and chanting things. You might see odd advice about imagining a light bursting from your head. If those things don’t sound relaxing to you, don’t use them. Find five things that appeal to you!


*Begin to try those things you have listed.





*Have you ever Googled the problem, not the solution?

*Ever had a therapist who assigned you a crazy homework assignment?

*Have you tried Googling the solution. Find anything interesting?



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