Before you read this just realize that I’m a bit odd…


Every writer wants to get The Call. You know what I mean. The Call that you’ve sold your book. That someone who matters in the publishing industry actually wants to buy your book.

silhouette, thumb, downWe writers spend years—decades sometimes—waiting waiting waiting for The Call. We are battered and bloodied and wounded from all the rejections and yet we still stand on the mound of our manuscripts letting those rejections hit us over and over. Because we want The Call that badly.


I got the call…

And I didn’t believe it…

I kinda still don’t believe it…

Even after my Super Awesome Agent Lady—aka Michelle Grajkowski of 3 Seas Literary—has assured me more times than is normal that “it’s official” and I can announce it. I still don’t feel like it’s real.

“You can announce the deal now. Don’t be spooked. It’s real.”

~Michelle Grajkowski

I keep worrying the editor is going to say “Oops. I didn’t mean Abbie Roads. I meant a different Abbie. No contract for you.” Literally, I keep waking up in the middle of the night certain that’s going to happen. I haven’t had a good night’s sleep since I got The Call!

“It’s you–my Abbie Roads.”

~Michelle Grajkowski


What’s wrong with me? Seriously.

Putting on my counselor-thinking-cap and trying to self-observe my thoughts and feelings, I’ve reached a conclusion: Too many years of rejection have conditioned me to expect rejection. Even when I’m not rejected.

So here’s my first effort at rejecting the rejection mentality.


I got The Call!


(My new favorite publisher of all time)

A THREE book deal—print/digital!

My editor—Deb Werksman!

(My new favorite editor of all time)



OMG! Mrecommend, icon, thumbaybe this is what I needed. Just to write it down! Because all of a sudden I finally feel like screaming and jumping up and down and celebrating!



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