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Old Souls and Cemetery Beauty
For the Love of Autumn

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Old Souls and Cemetery Beauty
For the Love of Autumn


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Old Souls and Cemetery Beauty

One of my very favorite people in the world has always said that I have an "old" soul. I supposed this is better than saying I have an "odd" soul--which is probably what she really means. But I get her meaning. I enjoy things that seem weird to some people. One of those things is cemeteries. I'm a confirmed cemetery walker, who has occasional spurts of cemetery jogging. I love being amid the quietude of graves and the beauty they represent--lives already lived.

Do you have a "old soul" or a "odd soul" like me? What do you like about cemeteries?

Or do they creep you out?

For the Love of Autumn

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf's a flower
~Albert Camus~

Back the field on a cloudy day...

Beauty in the yard...

Leaves of crimson...

A restful place to write...

I love autumn.

I love the smell of woodsmoke.

I love the brilliant colors.

I love how autumn leads to the stark beauty of winter.

What do you love about autumn?
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